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What comes in your mind when someone says Dubai attractions? The tall buildings, luscious lakes, famous harbors, vast deserts, museums, mosques with amazing Islamic architecture, beautiful parks and water parks and many other attractions. These are the things that can definitely come in anyone’s mind if they think about Dubai attractions. Everyone wants to see each and every Dubai attractions in their Dubai Tour, the reason for this is that Dubai is a city whose every place is very famous and unique. But it becomes very difficult to visit each and every Dubai attractions. Let me tell you the main attractions in Dubai that are a must visit on your Dubai Tour. After seeing these paces you can say that yes you have seen every aspect of Dubai. I will talk about each attraction one by one.

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1-Burj Khalifa:
The tallest skyscraper to exist in Dubai is Burj Khalifa. The view that you get to see through this skyscraper is the reason why people go to see this place. This place plays a major role in building a tourist attraction in Dubai.

2-Dubai Mall:
The Dubai mall is known to be the world largest mall that exists in Dubai. This mall offers a lot kind of attractions within it. You can go shopping in it. You can have the best food here. You can go to reel cinemas here. If you have kids with you can go to Kidzania within it, it is a theme park for kids. You can go to the VR Park Dubai within the Dubai Mall, which is an indoor theme park both for adults and kids. A visit to the Dubai mall in your Dubai Tour can be the best experience.

3-Dubai Miracle Garden:
No other name can be best suited for this garden other than this, as this garden looks like a miracle because of its beauty. This garden is a flower garden. It has beautiful passages within this place like butterfly passage, heart passage, umbrella passage and many more. It also has a lot of entertainment activities for both kids and adults like weekly live shows, music, dance and etc. Dubai miracle garden is the most beautiful flower garden to ever exist. Please your eye with the beauty of this garden and visit this place in your Dubai Tour.

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4-Dubai Frame:
Dubai frame is the most famous landmark in the UAE. This frame displays old and new Dubai. It is a bridge between Dubai’s past and future. It displays the impressive views of the old and modern Dubai. The way it is constructed and the way it displays the difference between old and modern Dubai is incredibly amazing. You will fall in love with the beauty of Dubai after visiting this frame on your Dubai Tour.

These four places are major attractions in Dubai. You really need to see these incredibly beautiful places on your Dubai Tour.

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